A blog (short for “weblog”) is an online platform where individuals or organizations share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and knowledge on various topics. It typically consists of regularly updated content in written articles (blog posts), images, videos, and other multimedia elements. Blogs can be personal, professional, or focused on specific subjects like technology, travel, fashion, food, or business.

A blog can also be part of a website that contains informational writings on a specific topic, usually in an informal or personal style. It may be otherwise defined as the writing and reading space on the internet. Blogs are used to share specific knowledge or news supporting website presence in search results as a part of the online marketing strategy.

A blogger is a writer on the internet having specialized knowledge in a certain field of interest. Blogs help in improving the SEO of websites. Bloggers create and publish content to inform, entertain, or engage with their audience. They often use blogs to express their opinions, build a community, or generate income through advertising, sponsored content, or selling products and services.