Branded keyword

What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords are specific search terms, including a company, brand name, or product name. These keywords are unique to a company’s brand or product and are often used by users who are already aware of the brand or are interested in learning more about it. Branded keywords can include the company name, variations of the name, slogans, or product names.

Branded keywords are often used in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to target online searches related to a particular brand and drive traffic to the brand’s website or other digital properties.

Branded keywords are essential for companies as they can help increase brand visibility and drive more targeted traffic to their website. When a user searches using a branded keyword, it indicates a high level of intent, including recognition and trust in the brand. This makes it easier for companies to convert these users into customers or subscribers.

Branded keywords can be an effective SEO strategy that can help companies rank higher in search engines for brand-related searches. As these searches often indicate high commercial intent, ranking higher for these searches can bring in more qualified traffic, leading to higher conversion rates.