Copywriting refers to the writing of text that is used for advertising or marketing purposes. Copywriting aims to use language that promotes a particular message and persuades customers to take a particular action (see: call-to-action). The product of copywriting is called ‘copy’, and there are different types of copy depending on the platform and intended use – for example, sales copy is used for advertising, and web copy is the text written on website pages.

Copywriting isn’t as simple as just writing words but always involves strategic & considered thought. Copywriters use particular strategies to inform how they arrange words to guide customers into making a purchase. They thoroughly study their target audience and buyer persona to use language that attracts and converts them. This is the primary difference between a copywriter and a content writer, who may be skilled in writing but not have the background knowledge of strategy.

Copywriters work in online marketing and write copy for advertising campaigns, billboards, catalogues, brochures, magazines, direct mail, social media posts, TV/radio commercials, and all kinds of marketing. Regarding digital marketing, copywriters are essential in writing persuasive text on landing pages, website hero pages, email marketing, social media posts, and blog writing.