First Link Priority (FLP)

What is First Link Priority?

First Link Priority is a concept in internal linking that suggests that Google gives more significance to the first link’s anchor text pointing to the same page. Earlier webpage links are thought to be the higher priority for SEO and help pages rank better.

Adding links to webpages with the user-first approach is recommended, and only using anchor text where it makes sense in context. This way, you can ensure that each page has relevant links, which will help improve its ranking. However, although it is still debated, no concrete evidence shows how much priority Google gives to the first link on a page.

The concept of “First Link Priority” (FLP) has been a topic of discussion and experimentation among web developers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists for many years. However, it isn’t easy to pinpoint an exact date or person who first introduced the concept.

While FLP has been discussed for many years, it is essential to note that search engines like Google use complex algorithms that consider many factors when determining a web page’s relevance and importance. FLP is just one of many factors that can influence search rankings.