Google dance

What is Google Dance?

Google Dance is a term used in the SEO community to describe temporary ranking volatilities on Google’s SERPs. During a Google Dance, websites may experience dramatic shifts in their rankings for certain keywords as Google adjusts its indexing of new and existing content. It can happen with new websites or pages while Google tries to determine where they should rank, but it can also be triggered by algorithm updates or technical issues.

Before 2003, when Google updated its index once a month, Google Dance referred to the transactional period during which the update was being rolled out. Webmasters would actively monitor their site’s rankings changes throughout this ‘dance’ period – hence the name. Furthermore, each year from 2003-2007, Google hosted an event known as ‘Google Dance’ at their headquarters in California. The event featured speakers who discussed topics related to SEO and web development. Users could get hands-on experience with various tools and techniques designed to help them improve their rankings.

Today, many SEO professionals still use the term ‘Google Dance’ when referring to ranking fluctuations caused by algorithm updates or technical issues. The most recent major update of this kind was the so-called ‘Medic Core Update’ released in August 2018 which caused significant changes to rankings across many industries worldwide.