Google discover

What is Google Discover?

Google’s newest search engine, Discover, is designed to personalise content for smartphone users. Google Discover displays articles that match the interests of individual users, as well as photos, videos, events, and other types of content. Google Discover also allows you to listen to articles selected for you.

How Does Google Discover Work?

Google Discover uses a combination of factors to determine which content to display for each user. Google considers the user’s location, search history, and web browsing activity to deliver content most relevant to the user. Google also looks at the user’s social media activity to customise displayed content further.

Does Google Discover affect SEO?

The short answer is yes. Google Discover does affect SEO. Google’s algorithm for Google Discover gives preference to mobile-friendly and well-optimised articles for SEO. In addition, Google Discover favours fresh articles relevant to users’ interests. Therefore, businesses and organisations must ensure that their website and blog are optimised for mobile and desktop.