Indexability is an essential concept in search engine optimization (SEO) that refers to a search engine’s ability to analyze and add a page to its index. This means that the search engine can recognize the content on a website, understand it, and store it in its database so that it can be retrieved when someone searches for related terms.

Crawlability is the process of allowing search engine bots to access your site’s content by following links from one page to another. For a website to be indexed, it must first be crawlable by the search engine’s web crawlers. If your website is not crawlable, it will not be indexed and appear in any search results.

Indexability is essential for SEO because if your website is not indexed, no one can find it through a search engine. This means you won’t get any organic traffic from people searching for related terms, which can significantly impact your business or website’s success.

To ensure that your website is indexable, you should follow several best practices. First, ensure all your pages are linked together correctly so the web crawlers can easily navigate between them. Second, use relevant keywords throughout your content so the crawlers know what topics you are discussing and can accurately categorize them in their index. Finally, keep your content up-to-date with new information so the crawlers realise they should keep coming back to check for further updates.

By following these tips and ensuring that your website is both crawlable and indexable, you can help ensure that it appears in relevant search results and gets more organic traffic from potential customers or visitors.