Link building

Link building is an SEO strategy aimed at gathering hyperlinks to your website or blog posts from other websites. The goal of link building is to help improve rankings on search engines. According to Google, content and links are two of the three most important ranking factors, which is why link building is essential to any SEO strategy. It’s not enough to create content and let it sit there.

You want to build authority on your website by acquiring links from external websites. You can gather the most valuable links from high-quality, trustworthy websites ranking well on search engines. It’s not a good idea to get links from low-quality, untrustworthy, or spammy websites, which can harm your search engine rankings.

‘Link building’ refers to acquiring links to content or web page. This process helps people discover your website’s content but also helps establish authority and tell search engines that the content you have created is valuable. The more links that point to your website or blog post, the more important search engines think your website is. In turn, they’ll rank your website higher on their results. A good way to think about links is to consider their votes. Every link is like a vote that tells search engines that your website or blog post is valuable. If the link (vote) comes from a high-quality website, it will be considered even stronger. The best links are natural, high quality, and use good anchor text that helps establish a context for your content.