Link juice

What is link juice?

Link juice is an important concept in search engine optimization (SEO). It refers to the value or authority passed from one web page to another through hyperlinks. When a website or web page receives an inbound link from another website, it is said to be “juiced” as some of the linking website’s authority is passed along. This contribution can help boost the visibility and organic rankings of the receiving page.

Link juice works by helping search engines understand which pages are more relevant and useful than others, as websites with more links pointing towards them are seen as being more reliable sources of information. As a result, these pages typically rank higher in search engine results. Link juice can also measure the relative importance of particular websites or pages within a larger network.

SEO professionals must ensure that their links come from high-quality and relevant websites to maximise link juice. Any links from low-quality sites can hurt rankings, so it is important to be mindful when choosing where to build links. Additionally, ensuring that links use targeted keywords can help maximize their impact on SEO performance.