What is X-Robots-Tag?

X-Robots-Tag is an HTTP header response that allows webmasters to control how their webpages are crawled and indexed by search engine spiders. It serves the same purpose as a meta robots tag but for non-HTML files such as images and PDFs. X-Robots-Tag can tell search engines not to crawl a particular page, file, or website directory.

Using X-Robots-Tag helps both webmasters and search engines by allowing webmasters to control what content is indexed while also helping search engines save time by not crawling pages that don’t need to be indexed. To use X-Robots-Tag, it needs to be included as part of the HTTP header response for a given URL or configured in the configuration file on the server.

Overall, X-Robots-Tag is an important tool for webmasters looking to optimize their websites for search engine indexing and improve their visibility in SERPs.