Zombie pages

What are Zombie Pages?

Zombie pages are web pages that generate little or no human traffic. They may be indexed, but they don’t generate meaningful visitor engagement. These pages often have thin content, are outdated, or are not optimized for search engines. Zombie pages can exist for various reasons, such as outdated content, broken links, or incorrect redirects. Identifying and removing zombie pages from your website is important to improve your SEO rankings and ensure that only relevant content is visible to users.

Improving or removing such pages is recommended to maintain a high-quality website and ensure good search engine rankings. Removing zombie pages can be done by deleting them from the server, setting up 301 redirects to other relevant pages on your website, or using canonical tags to tell search engines which page version should be indexed.

Overall, zombie pages can hurt your website’s performance if left unchecked. Identifying and removing them is an important part of maintaining good SEO practices and ensuring that users can find the most relevant content on your site.